POEM: God is Love

And everything else
If there were anything else

The classic formulation of “ is ” is attractive to many people of good will; perhaps, because of its implicit assertion of nurturing as a primary characteristic of , and of its tension with much of ’s failings in human in regards to its parochial quests for , , and .  Nonetheless, in our post- world, there is much disagreement over the , , and related to theism and the of ultimate .  Many question whether there is a , “separate” from [God and everything else].  These arguments are very dry and often harsh, in contrast to .  Personally, I find such arguments intellectually interesting but a meal for my hungry .  In this short poem, I with the ideas of theism, leaving them unresolved, unsolved…and yet, stands — and my cheers!   is both an and a , provoking methods to our madness, soothing our savageness without spoiling our untamed hearts.  I consider writing as the making love with the — two faculties united in producing a yet palpable world.  As Pascal said, “The has its reasons which reason knows not.”  May your reason serve love, and when you come to the end of reason, may you find love there waiting for you.

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