POEM: Rat Race Religion

This poem is a meditation on the banality of evil that arises from good people doing nothing when it comes knocking at their doorstep. This accomplice-ment is aided by a blinding enmeshment in a rat race offering, justification for ignoring our siblings of God and voiding our solidarity as a sacred human family.

Rat Race Religion

The mass of deaths
In rat race religion
Cede the sap of humanity
To the war
In security
As haven unearth
With hope only Abel
To be delivered
By grave planting
And full groan souls
From wither hour weigh of life
Or wents we knot worth beings
Sow it goes
As life blood
For gotten
A hole life of have too
And we prey
For a little mettle
And how might
Wee pay
For such rent
As knocking death
And its many accomplice-ments
That will
Come to pass
Not from the passion
Of fiery spirits unleashed
But cold calculation
From mostly good hearted people

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