POEM: Hope Ungraduated

This is a poem that plays with the fact that I graduated from Hope College. I have literally graduated from hope! Of course, hope is not simply something that can be metered out in a “graduated” fashion, and neither hoard not whored. Hope abides, springing eternally.

Hope Ungraduated

I am
A graduate of Hope College
And I have the B.S. to prove it
In the first degree
After hi school
That is
Hope would be
A religious school
If schools could be
And men were of letters
More sow
Than what can be
Given berth
After a few semesters
Of liberal arts
Only to find won self
Hope ungraduated
In countering
Life as a vocation
You must
As well
Pain the tuition
Endure mean wile
Hope simply abides
Thirst and last
The alpha and omega
Besting every succeeding generation
Unleashed with that which is

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