POEM: Our Fear Less Leader

If aiding and abetting genocide does not make you unfit for the highest public office, then I don’t know what would. I am sick and tired of being told we have to vote for the least totally unfit candidate for office. Whatever fear we have of experiencing domestic abuse or perpetrating international abuse, we need to unite for something that resembles our collective liberation. We can do better. This poem goes out to all of our Palestinian siblings and global citizens everywhere yearning for all to be free from injustice. Let us demand leaders worthy of our humanity.

Our Fear Less Leader

Our clan was frayed
He was the staunchest of alloys
The highest cocktail of militarist and civilian
He trafficked in arms
As well as dismembered legs
He killed my brother
He killed my sister
He killed their children
The worst of led poisoning
No ordinance could stop such ordnance
His motto was “Know won above the law”
A proprietary formula
And when me and my kin
Cry, “OUT!”
Hoping to set a boundary
Regarding relations
A tale as owed as time
What due wee here
From our commandeering chief
And awe his partisans
To what
I say
Not due
What ails
Can be tolled
Perpetually un-stated
Razing any question
Of being
Considered holy
Unfit for highest office
As totally un-presidented

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