POEM: Love is Never Having to Say “Thank You”

Community organizing can be difficult and thankless. I am grateful for those who do such work. Thanks! Still, at times, won’s work can become a bearin’ place, yielding cynicism and skepticism, even of those who appreciate you. Tossing aside potential allies because they don’t measure up to your own epic work is self-defeating. I suspect that carrying the torch of what we are fighting for should preserve and grow gratitude and generosity — not torch it. WARNING: This poem, a cautionary tale, is based on a true story.

Love is Never Having to Say “Thank You”

He is a model activist
He is a leader of all
He humbly declares his true intense
Don’t thank him for his work
You will not like his response
So so sorry
Into that promised
Land of thanklessness

The title is an allusion to quote made infamous from the 1970 movie, Love Story: “Love means never having to say you are sorry,” which is one of the stupidest movie quotes ever.

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