POEM: People of Consequence

Our actions have consequences. We are people of consequence. The ends are determined by the means. Unfortunately, the inanity in our culture, which may, much of the time, seem harmless in it meaninglessness, meets up with epic crimes against humanity. My question for today is this: Will our inane culture have enough of what it takes to pull back from genocide and famine in Gaza?

People of Consequence

You go
Too Armageddon
With the inane culture you halve
Knot the inane culture
You want
It’s not the end
The beginning
Of a fete
Blind sided
Breath taking
Heart stopping
And dumb founded
A death sentience
For far too many
And sum
Having reaped their stay
Teaming with means
And ends
Of all sorts
People of consequence
And knot so much

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