POEM: The Lessen of Mirror Nihilism

On occasion, when someone thanks me for doing something, I have been known to say, with a bit of satire, “If I didn’t do it someone else would.” Of course, in a great many instances, this is not true. My response is meant as a reminder that what we do matters. The response of “If I didn’t do it someone else would,” when one is doing something sketchy or questionable is perhaps one of the laziest rationalizations we have. Such a well-learned helplessness is a vote for nihilism and a small ducking of an opportunity to exercise our moral force to make the world a little better of a place to cohabitate. Please feel free to exercise these small helpings. Even the smallest acts of courage and kindness matter.

The Lessen of Mirror Nihilism

Thank you
That’s really great
∅ that
If I didn’t
Due that
Someone else would have
∅ those Lilliputian victories
Every won no’s
Nothing madders

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