POEM: The Beat of Exclusive Clubs

Other than for hardcore atheism, my spiritual beliefs ran the gamut, something for everyone. I am a spiritual mutt. Probably the most apt description would be “unorthodox.” I detest fundamentalism. I was raised Christian and spent most of my life practicing Christianity. I am deeply infused with Christian perspectives, imagery, and sacred texts. I find truth and God as far too big and mysterious to be adequately captured by one, or even all, religious/spiritual perspectives. If some may consider this a cop out, I say, “Out with cops!”

The Beat of Exclusive Clubs

The other day I got kicked out
Of an atheist’s exclusive club
Tolled in know uncertain terms
There is science
And no other!
Wow, where did that come from?!
I was razed
A Christian
A long story (some may say tall)
Which makes some short
Red chapters
Heavenly verse
To love
One, an other
To bless
Not curse
A Palestinian Jew
Called Jesus
We could do much worse
I once heard as Muslim
Of five pillars spoke
Coming down to one
And as a Muslim
I woke
Then along came Buddha
Who said: Don’t follow me
Experience it first
Which made me want to follow
This unslakable thirst
Too fined compassion and justice
A home
On this suffering earth
A little man
Called Gandhi
To kingdoms united
He spoke
I am
A Hindu
A Christian
A Muslim
A Jew
And undoubtedly a Sikh he
So many will accuse
Me too!

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