POEM: Snugly Lodged

In case you were wondering why anxiety and fear sometimes seem to creep up on us humans…

Snugly Lodged

I was wresting
Quiet comfortably
In my nice warm bed
Pondering the seeming conundrum
Of why wee humans are
So offed
Anxious and afraid
When it struck me
We are travailing 15,000 miles per hour
Threw space
Wile spinning 1,000 miles per hour
Living on the thinnest of crusts
Between a sea of red hot molten iron
And the frozen vacuum of space
And we are reduced
To spend hour daze
Making sense
It occurred too me
I may want to re-considerate
Wearing that fine
A peril
Of the whys
Snugly lodged
Between denial and terror

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