POEM: A Bout Zen

This poem borrows from a Zen story where a monk is in a boat quietly meditating with their eyes closed in the middle of a faraway lake. When the monk hears a loud sound and the boat rocks, the monk opens his eyes and turns to see what is presumably another person who let their boat hit the monk’s boat. The monk sees an empty boat and realizes that the monk’s anger is inside themselves, simply provoked by a outside trigger. The notion of an empty boat triggering one’s anger instead triggered the monk’s enlightenment.

A Bout Zen

His bout
Skimmed long
In the mourning fog
Until P.O.W.!!
He spun
In anger
Than seeing
An other
Empty bout
He was a loan
With his madness
Of would that could
Only know one too blame
That tragic given
And unwilling
To take it
Fore won self

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