POEM: Of Coarseness

Don’t put won over me
F every won
Flunk classism
And sow on
And sow on
In effability
Of coarse
They say
Vulgarity vulgarity
Every ware
I look
In just US
The capital of the whirled
Spinning lies
Wile iniquity runs rampant
Fore public office
As up right
The riotous
Will be herd
If scuff in order
To re-buff amoral cents
And counting dullards
Drilled simply for being
And unrepentantly unrefined
Tolled to keep off the crass
In a tour de
As if
In decency
Merely unappetizing crudités
Our place
At the table
Only too be taken away
Be for serving
The entree
To the winners of our discontent

This poem plays on the nominal vulgarity of swear words versus the substantial vulgarities of endemic sexism, racism, classism, amoral capitalism, and the unlike.  Civilized Nations Have Best Implements for War--ANTI-WAR QUOTE BUTTONI am struck by the hugely disproportionate reactions by so-called civilized to the nominal vulgarities of swear words and the substantial vulgarities of rampant iniquity and inequities.  This reminds me of one of my favorite passages from the Te Ching (chapter 38):

When is lost
There is
When is lost
There is
When is lost
There is

CIVIL WAR - When Oxymorons Run Amok ANTI-WAR BUTTONThis passage captures the devolution of and when is the central reference point and standard for judgments, having devolved from simple and core virtues. Of course, even and are devolutions of Tao, the ineffable and mysterious source from which flows and finds its being.   is a pitiful veneer covering a morally bankrupt society, where unmoored makes the norm, and nothing is sacred.  What could be more coarse than a where power, and are self-aggrandizing and is but a chronic inconvenience?

I am proud to have written a poem about vulgarity without directly using verbal vulgarities — though the implied vulgarities may make the poem PG-13.  Vulgarities may not be necessary, but when our concern is over words rather than from the underlying realities which deserve much more attention, we get sucked into dangerous distraction.  My increasingly experience of the gap between popular awareness and underlying injustices seems like a good basis for the full by this of words, vulgar or not.  May we see beyond the proprieties of language to see clearly the grinding injustices which bespeak vulgarities.

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