POEM: Heir Droppings

This poem goes out to the five Palestinian kids killed when an American airdrop of food crushed them after the parachute failed. This over the top “Operation Breadcrumb” does nothing to stop Israel’s illegal blocking of humanitarian aid by ground into Gaza. There are widespread reports that much of the canned food aid that does get in is rancid. Also, the U.S. continues withholding funding to UNRWA, the only relief agency that could deliver enough aid to Gaza to relieve the famine. The illegal blockage must stop, which likely depends on the U.S. ending its complicity with Israel’s  genocide through bombs, bullets and famine. U.S. complicity is a stain on the soul of America and the bringer of death to Palestinians. Let U.S. end this genocide.

Heir Droppings

Kids are looking up
In Gaza
With the American I deal
With respect to Israeli genocide
As American is the bomb
That pie in the sky
Canned circa 1948
That American apple pie
In efface
Of mañana
From heaven
Delivered today
Fresh squash
Dead on a rival
No arms waving
No chute today
And still
Boxed in a grave
Nothing to see, hear
Soully that press, release
In citing the American weigh

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