POEM: As Far As One Kin See

As far as one kin see
It is a sin to crush some one’s body
And infinitely greater sow to crush some one’s spirit
In sum vain temped too raze
Between infinitude and soully you
Make piece with that which is wholly
Eternally now and to marrow
Not trading
In sin
As just
Some won

To that which is ardor
Too due
And infinitely greater

This poem is a tribute to the oneness of , body and .  This poem recognizes the brutality of crushing one’s body through — whether through weapons or crushing needs.  This poem also posits that crushing one’s and is udderly worse, steeling one’s .  This poem is an to those who accept that the hard of creating on earth, here and now, is in seamless alignment with practices of the spirit in seeking and .  The inward and outward journeys must find some parity, or ails be subject to earned or learned .  The hopeful, those fuels for , must join up with those down in the trenches, those on the margins of cagey and fuel of street whys. has a shared destiny, and the key lies, not to cell, each other out.  For won , there must be won .  Sow let’s get together, body and , and cut to the chaise!

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