POEM: Possibility Verses

Her mastery
Of the glorious bounty
Taunts those enslaved
By the vain
Of mere probabilities

This poem is a tribute to the divide between and probability.   is the purview of free will, introducing new realities through choosing one option over another.   is the domain of calculation, predicting the course of endless strings of cause and effect events.  got creativity? SPIRITUAL BUTTON is the realm of creativity, launching new cascades of cause and effect, and expanding meaning.   is the sphere of the walking dead, where all that matters is predetermined and is but ghostly animation, navigating predictable paths.  If predictability is what you are about, then is probably where you inhabit predominantly, with habitual domesticity.  If fashioning new ways of being in the world is your manor of being, then may very well be your first and last resort.  Those preoccupied with mere probabilities will undoubtedly shortchange much purpose in life, and find themselves as serf the web of feudal circularity.  Those spellbound by will find immersion in itself, imbued with and the unfathomable intrigue of other free souls.  	 Got Inspiration SPIRITUAL BUTTONThe predictability of a deeply ordered provides sound launching places for curious and free spirits, but entreats us to much more than mere and manipulating control, the ultimate of the undead.  May you find the incalculable of possibility, inspiring others as you breathe in their spirit as well.


You can't separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom. Malcolm X quote POLITICAL BUTTONGot Freedom POLITICAL BUTTONLet Freedom Ringb--bMartin Luther King, Jr. BUTTON

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