POEM: Flowing Inevitably Threw Us

Our hearts were broke
A cache sow, well, spent
In solvent
Teaming tsunamis of
Of the largesse kind

Over us
Torn as under
A heavy wait
A compelling yield
As if
Some bank erupt
The affluence
Of won another
In tsunamis of
Having pre-pared us
Seeing in owed daze
As broke
As chambers and vessels
Suited fore rivers of
Flowing inevitably
Threw us

This poem is about what seems to be a necessary -rendering process of our hearts breaking before they can fully pour out into the world.  I strongly suspect that this is the way our of hearts is built.  Much like soil, our hearts are tilled til gives root to and -filled kindness.  This too fold process is upending to our less mature and superficially  fields of dreams.  Real Miracle to Walk on Earth--PEACE QUOTE BUTTONThe hard edges of cleave us as surely as the serendipitous realities of unmerited and generosity.  While the specific injustices and that we each is unique, our of hearts flourishes in with others.  The companionship and mutual support that flows through those who recognize themselves as being in the same boat binds us in one accord and harmonizes our souls so we can walk together as won people.  Only when our pours out into the world, not bound and limited to vain vessels of our own, do our hearts function at full — nay overfull! — capacity.  OCCUPY EVERYTHING (Heart) - OCCUPY WALL STREET POLITICAL BUTTONWith flowing through us, we are never broke; we have become holy, together, and udderly teeming with plenty.  In the process, our mortal hearts, like many earthen vessels, are thrown for a loop, only to be torn as under.  And for that, our of hearts is fashioned for sow much more.  Hearts united beat more than blood could ever dictate.  May our hearts never brake, pouring into the world with of our untamed hopes.

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