POEM: A Dubiously Fresh Pickle

They effaced a dilemma
Or favor
A dubiously fresh pickle
In a blue moon
That hoary question
Of prophets verses
And what they seed
Their lukewarm revelation
Hallowing out
What we may no
Knot about clarity
Only sow sow doubt

Will Work For Human Rights POLITICAL BUTTONHuman Rights: Anti-Terrorism that Works -- POLITICAL BUTTONI wrote this poem today in response to the huge Saudi Arabia arms deal the the U.S. and Canada are promoting despite massive violations and allegedly inconvenient profiting off these arms deals. I am sick and tired of the endemic confusion between choosing and profit. The surreal equivalence and equivocation of and profits betrays, at best, a pathetic understanding and/or commitment to living, and, perhaps more likely, illustrates a habitual tolerance for in service of personal gain or profit. Subjecting to a sketchy marketplace for an assignment of value is an abdication of both personal and social responsibility, and a -threatening confusion between good and goods.

Human Rights Are Not Optional POLITICAL BUTTON Human Rights NOW POLITICAL BUTTONGlobalize THIS - HUMAN RIGHTS [earth graphic] POLITICAL BUTTON

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