HOPE POEM: Why God Invented Dark

invented dark
As a respite
From high noon
That searing sun
Of which mortal men are made
To see
Sow much more
Innumerable lofty stars
Unseen in mere day
Beyond won’s highest hopes
at once
A mist unbelievably rare
Thou dust hold together
that matters
When noonday returns

Here is yet another poem about , just in case you may need to re-stock, or stock up.   is replete with cycles.  Only in the darkness can you see the stars. MLK QUOTE BUTTONDay and night, and wakefulness.   teem in a paradox packed .  Belief and skepticism are -long dance partners.  Our quest for requires of .  The immeasurable value of life is most evident in the face of .

Taoists seem to have the keenest of the importance of and their complimentary .  That the of something is inextricably bound to its opposite, or even comes from its opposite, is -boggling.  The reaches one of its natural limits when it comes to logical contradictions.  Of course, the Taoists’ purpose is not to jar the , but un-jar the mind — and free up the .

is the purview of the .   may not make cents for those demanding a foolproof return on their investment.  Delving into the vital depths of and life’s necessary contradictions is not for the fainthearted.  Wholehearted living demands assent and even gusto in the thralls of uncertainty and unpredictability in order to make the most of life.   is the life-blood of an entrepreneurial life spirit.  The attachment to conventional — those well-known levers of — and the insistence on dominion over others, is the nemesis of hope.  Hope arises from a place beyond mere .  Hope, awash in , is an ever- on the threshold of human life.

For many, the contemporary context for this poem is a looming presidency.  Many that their existence may be taxed beyond bearing.  This is undoubtedly true for some.  Still, the contrasting brought forth by the Don’s cartel will as surely offer high relief.  Once Game Over King and Pawn Go Back in Same Box -- PEACE QUOTE BUTTONStarker can favor humans as much or more than amoral or immoral humans.  If you want presumed victory, take the sociopath, limiting the struggle to the well-worn levers of .  If you want more, let your take hope, take to see the light amidst the darkness, and listen intently to whatever maybe herd for the duration of human game.

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