POEM: Unleashed

As and grief morphs
Into the habits and vagaries of daily
The is circled by its waggin’s
In loo of revolutions more roil
As if
Too be stuck
The mettle
Only to be
Haunted by cursory echoes
Of lives a custom to be frayed
Of what might be
Into the unbreakable
As knot the tear or stricken
And still
The fastens
that grows

This poem addresses the challenges of palpable and grief “normalizing” as goes on.  The necessities and sheer habits of everyday living bear down on overflowing passions, often sublimating such powerful emotions into more comfortable or familiar patterns.  This can tamp down more impulses for changes in .  Such coping is commonplace.

Such a process causes me to reflect on the current post-election era.  The System Was Never Broken It Was BUILT That Way - POLITICAL BUTTONI remember the when Baby Bush beat Al Gore only with the intervention of the , in the face of a popular vote and electoral college squeaker fraught with irregularities and inadequacies.  I noted how the un-sexy issue of the mechanics of and receded from in due course within a matter of months.  Multiple presidential election down the road, many of these election and deficiencies continue largely unfixed.  The electoral college has taken US to school again!  Plus, the striking down of key elements of the Rights Act has left -level shenanigans with voter suppression to run rampant.  Add in the increasingly gerrymandering of districts and the democratic process is literally moot for most of in .

While our stays the course on being massively dysfunctional at so many levels, this election cycle, a vicious cycle, is a quantum leap in dangerous effect.  Stop Hate STOP Sign -- POLITICAL BUTTONThe , , anti-, and anti-immigrant reached for new heights and historic lows during the campaign.  , people of color, , and immigrants have legitimate reasons to worry on both a daily basis and what looms in the future.  , white supremacy, and xenophobic are being baked into the regime.  While in many ways this is nothing new to folks, the stunning respectability of braggadocio, scorn of Black Lives Matter, collusion with white supremacists, and a fortress mentality could easily converge into the most presidential administration in our lifetimes, if not ever, in .

This poem is a warning of the dangers of “normalization,” and a call to the difficult, lifelong, trans-generational that needs to be done.  Courage Trumps Fear PEACE BUTTONI don’t believe that such can be done unless it is equipped with .  This poem culminates in the that by reaching deep and going long the of wholehearted people will supply needed to resolute minds and steadfast hands to further incarnate seemingly impossible for all.

Dealing with endemic injustices calls for a demanding between daily coping and cultivating a long-haul way of that shrewdly generates and regenerates, creates and recreates, produces and reproduces just and heartening habits of behavior and ways of being in the world.  Will the better side of prevail over the genocide of ?  We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools--Martin Luther King, Jr. BUTTONAll I can say is that when sides are drawn, I know which side I and plan to be on.  As Martin Luther King, Jr. so plainly observed and prophesied, “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”  Though I would update this a bit and expect to see sisters steadfastly leading this fight.  Some things don’t .  This can be a good thing.


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