POLITICAL POEM: The Bus of Times, The Worst of Times

His career
Hung in the
Throw a certain number under the bus
Or see bus production drop precipitously

This short poem recognizes a brutal utilitarianism in , which is at most any level.  Using people as means to another end is the Achilles heel of a utilitarian ethic so popular in Western so-called civilization and particularly in its . People Before Profits POLITICAL BUTTONThe worth of people, in which are secured, is anathema to the commonplace horse-trading that politicians participate in as as usual.  Universal for would grind the meat and potatoes of to a halt, and cripple the usual interests which are better suited for corporate persons than actual human persons.  A deep appreciation for that are not subject to some currency exchange is at the core of an anarchist  critique of or any other large scale human endeavors willing to trade humans for cash or securities.  The and economies of scale ( large scale ) serve as the gods of , or simply as idols in owed .  The and distant in global provide convenient cover for amoral/immoral behavior, all the wile habitually greasing the wheels of commerce with the lifeblood of .  Money is the Root of All Politics - POLITICAL BUTTONThis disconnect between and production is directly related to inhumane politics, as economics and politics both serve as fool for the same engine.  In the bus of times, the worst of times, career politicians can even manage to do miracles, by throwing people under the bus AND opposing public transportation.  Perhaps it's to travel another way, recognizing that such politicians don't behave as if we are in the same boat, and, as a rule, don't even ride the bus.

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