Knowing either jack or Jill
Raze your Stein
As sucks
The “Oh too” out of the room
Plenty of space
In the huge check
Of which to think out of
Beyond first lady and commander-in-chief
Paid in fuel
What's an elect her, it too due
Daring too be FOR
for an enviable party
Agreein' party
In a swinging
Where everything is KO
Considering more than won lady
Passable for the White House
Another Clinton in the hows
Know madder how whys

With the much touted historic candidacy of , as the first nominated by a major party as their presidential candidate, few are even aware, let alone familiar, with another woman running for , of the .  's platform is much more in sync with and progressive than corporatist , or the plutocratic Democratic Party, even with their allegedly most progressive party platform ever.  Of coarse, oligarch sucks…the air out of any room for amidst the unprecedentedly highly disliked presidential candidates of the duopoly of the and Democratic parties.  BOTH Parties Are Revolting, Why Aren't You? POLITICAL BUTTONThe I run lady, , has overshadowed the true and progressive, .  This presidential campaign is topped off by the aristocratic so-called of another Clinton and a megalomaniac billionaire.  Wince agin, has shrunk the American electorate into seemingly perpetual delay in holding oligarchic forces accountable for stealing our and electoral system.  Moving from crisis to crisis has served moving along quiet effectively.  May the electorate soundly reject any oligarchic party or candidate on election day, and take back our today and every day.

Feel free to check out 's election/voting and third party designs.

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