POEM: Kindness 1.618 — Owed To The Goaled In Proportion

A parent
In the relationship
Between to be gotten
The larger to the smaller
The goaled in proportion
Amidst just us
Sum times christened
The divine proportion
And it doesn't take
A mathematical genus
To divine its kind
Never the less
As if
Knew specious
And miss conceive
The gold in mean
Barren resemblance to
The sores of our being
An aesthetic
And human arts
Desserting know one
The hole slew
To gather as won
And when de-part
Leaving soully
Good will
That is
Grasping the incalculable
After math

This is a geek poem about the golden proportion, or golden ratio.   \frac{a+b}{a} = \frac{a}{b} \equiv \varphiIn mathematics, two quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities. The Greek letter phi is used to signify this value of 1.618. The golden ration holds a special fascination in mathematics, architecture, and .  The golden ratio is considered to represent proportion, often found in .

In this poem, the relationship between the larger to the smaller is defined beautifully by .  In computer age parlance 1.618 — a soft wear if you will.  issues always involve differentials, and hard ware is meaningless without soft wear.  Without , social will necessarily be trapped in perpetual struggle, with neither the larger or the smaller experiencing the of peace.  Neither nor peace is a finely engineered and calculating existence.  Both and peace flourish in and .  Oftentimes comes through those who have a steady of peace that creates spaces enough for the hard of justice to be performed without , growing hurts. Living out of creates conditions conducive to .  Like produces like, sometimes.  produces , eventually.  Though like is more of a product than .  Love is the way.  Love loves love.  As produces , love produces love.  The seamless reciprocity of love perpetuates itself and invites others to participate in love.  There is necessarily always more room to grow and make the circle wider.  For another geeky poem on this theme, see Wading for Godel, and to Kurt Godel and his Incompleteness Theorem which mathematically proves that , ideologies, and — that is, anything that is based on any set of propositions — is necessarily incomplete and there are always true propositions which always lie beyond the of any given belief system.   Enough geekiness for one day?  You can always simplify.  As the most succinctly summarized , “Kindness is my .”  May you find kindness often in your days, and if there is not kindness, perhaps you are the one to bring it.

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