POEM: Twins

Chris and Pat were like twins
Only he was more so

This short poem uses ambiguous pronouns and unisex names to maximize the possibilities of interpretation.  The underlying twist is that if two people are alike, can one be more like the other?  The twist hinges on twin aspects of .  A more aspect that is shared may bring others to characterize two people “like twins.”  However, an inner aspect may shed light on the of their twin-ness.  For instance, if Chris is a cowboy (or is that cowgirl?), and Pat dresses and acts like a cowboy/cowgirl, then Pat’s acting like a cowboy/cowgirl makes Chris and Pat like twins.  And it could be said that’s Pat’s wanting to be like Chris, makes Pat even more-so a twin than Chris.  Chris just happens to be a cowgirl/cowboy; Pat is driving the twin-ness aspect.  Outer appearances can be deceiving, not being a very good representation of a deeper .  I’ve heard it said that being sincere is the most important thing, and once you can fake that you’ve got it made.  Certainly, the difference between and faked is vast.  Perhaps being able to tell the difference is where true lies…

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