POEM: Her Voice

Her voice could be heard
Three generations within earshot
Yet the man in front of her
Was two ears short of listening
At times she spoke
Simply to convince herself
That she could
Due more
Then listen
Wading for something more than deaf
And dumb ruse of men
Relegated to quaint shams
Engendering stupefactions
As a pathetic answer
To unquestioning order
In a guise whirled
Gent-ly herd
In tasteful reservations
And if more than udder
He turns out
To be the outright shovin’ist
Is it possible
For him to do without
As if
You list a strata
And he’ll forevermore
Still fancy himself
On top
The crowning member
Of some exclusive club
Oft leaving
Room for only one abet
Take it or leave it
Never quite getting it
What he wonts
So leading ladies
Show him a role
And when it comes to you
It will be
That transcending property
You’re choice

Being heard is perhaps one of the most fundamental aspects of positive human .  This poem addresses the profoundly prevalent and persistent that are not listened to as much as men.  The need for human connection is so strong that being ignored can be more harmful than active dislike.  Being treated as an object rather than a subject is the primary mode of people.

The male in most human cultures, often called , may be the most important -ism in humans’ communal may also be the most stubbornly persistent -ism.  I think that this is true because are interspersed in all human cultures.  Many -isms, such as and , flourish because of in-group and out-group dynamics that can more easily be stratified in one’s everyday and .  However, since are nearly omnipresent in households with more than one person, there would seem to be powerful forces integrating in a relatively fair way into the most fundamental units of , the or household.  A nearly universal factor in advancing for groups is to have that group exposed in meaningful ways to the dominant group.  It seems that the theory is that exposure leads to understanding, and .  This doesn’t strike me as having much in regard to women.  Boys grow up with the proverbial “hand that rocks the cradle,” subject to profound influence by their mothers.  In the dominant world, men seek and have close relations with women, as lovers, partners-spouses, raisers of .  Still, it seems that these interpersonal and dynamics are trumped by larger social and cultural forces.  I don’t pretend to have a solution for the ages old “ of the sexes” (which is typically framed in male fashion).  Nonetheless, I am quite sure that men not listening to women is not only a profound insult to women, but a profound to men.  Listen up guys!!

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