POEM: Amateurs and Prose

There are moments
When I feel
Like such an amateur
Then the payments come
So much more
Than I could ever for
The only falling short
Is ever thinking
Is fated to be
Any won thing
In deed not
Buy miserly
Dying with more
Than a pauper
Lein-ing on the everlasting alms
That train to glory

is good.  The of offers so many great things and awesome possibilities.  strikes me as perhaps the most fundamental human toward life, if is seen in a large enough .  Maybe I'm just lucky.  I prefer to view it as .  Either way, I have experienced the bounty of on countless occasions — and I count these occasions as priceless!  Hopefully, such a predicament engenders paying it back and paying it forward.  I see life as an invitation to more life.  I view vitality as best served by generously overflowing, by joining in and continuing the perpetual cycling of giving.  Miserly attitudes can stunt this wondrous cycling.  is a parasite on plenty.  May and carry you as a living antidote to miserliness and .

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