Hate Free Zone

Free Zone – (Rainbow ) – Gay Rainbow Store BUTTON

Hate Free Zone - Pink Triangle (Rainbow Heart) - Gay Pride Rainbow Store BUTTON

Hate Free Zone – Pink Triangle (Rainbow Heart) – Gay Pride Rainbow Store BUTTON

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This simple design with a declares a free zone.  Of course, the signifies gay which is a reclaiming and redemptive response to the and hateful symbol that was used by the Nazis to mark persons as homosexuals in and in concentration camps.  Some folks, typically folks, say that they can condemn people such as homosexuals without hating them, and in fact, them while condemning them.  I think that this is a tricky a nuanced position the ultimate comes down to one big : we have the right to condemn others.  This comes easy because it’s hard to imagine a with its many orders and stratifications that is not built somehow on condemning one another in one way or the other.  From a , I think this boils down to one’s conception of .  Many folks believe that condemns people to eternal damnation in some form of .  Gladly, I am not one of those folks.  I believe that is a totally human that completely misrepresents an all-loving and unconditionally loving is a convenient notion to justify one’s own and of others, and have a justifiable place to condemn those we dislike.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe in .  I just believe in on earth.  Not the Earth is necessarily a hellish place, but humans certainly do have a capacity to create on earth, and there’s more than enough of it to go around. It’s hard to imagine why would have to add to the hells we’ve created.  I find it quite that John 3:16, probably the most quoted biblical scripture on the planet, is immediately followed, in verse 17, about how ’ purpose on this planet is not to condemn the world but to save it.  Maybe these two things are actually tied together; perhaps salvation is living in the reign of non-judgment and being free from condemning others and what I believe to be the necessary hate and that comes with that. Unfortunately, hate and are much easier to sell.  Thus, the difficult and challenge of is to demonstrate non-judgment in such a profound way that we don’t have to “sell” it, because we’ve already paid for it with our lives, or how we live our lives.  I think freed us from of , not from being persecuted unto .  Both hate and have a cost to them.  I supposed  the only real question is which of them is worth paying for.


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