CEO Arises to the Occasion!

Jesus Cartoon: CEO Jesus - Re-Birthers Press Conference

CEO really rises to the occasion this week of Easter!  What could be tougher than answering the difficult and often inane put forth at a press conference?  In his first go around, ’ public relations department really had a big gaffe by sending two to witness the .  In ’ day, were not considered reliable or viable witnesses.  What was he thinking?  Of course, the -day CEO understands the complexities of in .  These days, proper paperwork and avoiding getting bogged down in innuendo are the armor and shield of management.  There’s no question that many folks doubt the actual physical of Jesus.  For me, that’s less the point than addressing in an upfront and Jesus like manner — actually living a that witnesses to the profound that is stronger than death.   In these times, with all of our and technological sophistication, obfuscation of the is as old school as ever!  This week’s parody is on the birthers.  Who needs when simple doubt will do?  Why accept evidence when such realities don’t suit one’s biases and bigotries?  When Jesus appeared before Pilate, Pilate mocked the irrelevancy of truth, with his classic rhetorical question, “What is truth?”  In the end, Pilate just tested the winds and gave the mob what they wanted.  Some things never .

Interestingly, modern day evangelical Christians seem more interested in proper documentation through theological litmus tests and dogmas of belief in whether one should receive the proper credentials of being “born again” than the incarnate of Jesus boldly witnessing to the that is stronger than death, and good is stronger than .  Rather than exchanging résumés of belief, I would suggest that they will know we are Christians by our , not our .  Unfortunately, for human freaks, the way of is way too wild and free.  By reducing deep truths to belief and dogmas, institutional is born, again, and for brand become the preeminent .  Jesus rocks, quite literally on Easter, but I find that often gets in the way of following Jesus.  Wherever you are entombed in your , come out!  Hmm…is that Jesus calling?

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