POEM: Blessed Be Our Creator (Not There’s)

In times of war or national revenge, demonization of one’s foes is standard operating procedure, necessary for justifying mass killing and destruction of civilian infrastructure, let alone civilians. This hole affair is all the more disgusting when it is dressed up in a patina of morality or religious righteousness. I have never been a fan of apologetics for so-called necessary evil. Thus, this poem.

Blessed Be Our Creator (Not There’s)

Prone to be boxed in
We had
Lord it over
The devil’s made me
Due it
In this pissing match
Know longer
Halving moral judgment
Like a King Solomon baby
Or some upstanding whiz kid
So proudly beyond knows pick
A weaner of some sort of Darwin ward
Or mirrorly
A blooming soldier of fortune
Hire conscience
Passing out
Free wills
To awe those who don’t need
That is, unnatural selection
And there is
No other

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