POEM: A Cain Due Attitude

This poem is a metaphor for the natural consequences of bulling through natural limits  on planet earth, our one home. This poem is yet another plea for ledged to step away from the cliff. This poem poses the question of weather or knot we can leave on the table to secure a livable planet.

A Cain Due

Impotent to resist
Screwing the whirled
Are we Abel too
That buy and buy
Fueled bye
Oil in the soil
Coal in the hole
And gas a mass
The biggest fracking of
Liquidating profane
All wile
Mansion on fire
Is their fete
Their creed is
An immovable canon
Never leave
on the table
At home with burning
The roof claps
As 's affirmation
The walls crumble
As Jericho's trumpets blow it
Decked out
With refrains
Ultimately considered vane
A bode
In sin rated
And those strikingly spared
Flee for the taking
A privy ledged few
In a game of craps
By know means
Heeding lookout below
Satan's signing bonus
In tent
Sow culpable of deifying their profits
And if surviving the end of dais
Their heir will be their bully pulpit
A stump speech
Their fodder forest
Too hew
Not equal to
With stand
Treason cut
And run
The plan it
Into the ground
Blood rejoins
Thou dust

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