POEM: Conversion Raiding

This poem contrasts two opposing world views, moral versus amoral, right versus might, serving God versus money, etc., etc. This poem presents the question of how won might convert the currency of one world view to the other. Of coarse, such a conversion is an illusion that fuels much compromising behavior in life. Yet such choices present themselves throughout our daze. Inescapably, life is full of mean-ing, begging us too due the right thing.

Conversion Raiding

How aught
What is
Of might
And should
Of easy weigh
And difficult doo
Of grate know
And great no
Of bucks
And dear
Of currency
And eternal now
Of get
And religion
That is true
The fine lyin’
Between effluence
And influence
In reveres
Of the won
In loo of
The change
Or larger than life
In ill-gotten quarters
And arrears
And dickered
Fencing others
Of liable
And slander
Or just deference
For giving debts
And pain the bill
Of money chaste
And what might be
More than
There is know agency
But your own
Due appraise
Or knot
Conversion raiding

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