POEM: Large Language Mottle — Yet An Other Ode to AI

One of the cutting edges of AI, , is large language models that can veraciously consume massive amounts of writing in short order — more info than thousands of humans in a lifetime. However impressive this might be, my poem challenges the notion that will be automatically benefited by this. As a tool, AI is a huge force multiplier which will rapidly complicate force in our world, depending if and how such a tool can be wielded. Of course, requires more than being a tool.

Large Language Mottle — Yet An Other to AI

Unfathomably calculating
A terminal generation
App tight
Looking fore that final phrase
Sow gorge us
Sorry a bout
Ciao down
Abel to stomach us
Up and Adam
A whirled run by
Ruler of po its
In your efface !
There is nothing we cant
In compassing wholly
and cons
A diction
Over aheads
Hour judgment
On a millenium stage
Ticklish and hairy
Presumably under standing
Our knows
As inconceivable as might be
Perhaps neither madders
Either blood read
Or sky blew
Will it
Be our rune

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