POEM: Con Tending With Not Sees

While it may be musing to wonder what if there were no hypothetical , Germany has thrown up countless real- scenarios to curdle your . The scenario referenced in this poem is taken from the movie, Nine Days, where an impossible situation involving a sadistic guard is posited to test the mettle of a . This scenario is a classic . Humans apparently have a powerful connection to know win scenarios. How would you respond?

Con Tending With Not Sees

He axed the question
With a ledged subtlety
Like -
A hypothetical interrogation
What due
In that concentration camp
Your progeny caught escaping
And a sadistic guard
Poses his most broodish hang up
That chide teetering on this stool
A sentry crying out in agonizing seconds
K-K-Kick that stool
The lot of you
The hole camp
He cried out agin
Barely Abel
To yack knowledge
Such an inquest
Fore only feeled
The question
I sad
The ball is in
You're court
And what ever you
Might doo
Is on you

Here is the Nine Days movies script; search for “prisoner of ” for the sadistic guard scene to read how it plays out in the movie characters' responses.

The response in this poem recognizes that the sadistic guard has all of the in this situation and can do whatever they want, with or without your . In a sense, there is no question at all. If there is no to carry out one's agency, then there is essentially no moral agency. The is a cruel invitation to a cruel fiction surrounded by a cruel , where the added directed at the tortured subject to accede to participate in the furtherance of an exceedingly cruel may be the hole game.  My take is that the most response-able action is to clarify this ; that is, to put the ball back in their court. Of course, the most poignant way to do this begs a truly great launching pad for creative . To me, the winning factor in this option is that it may be the truest form of recognizing the perpetrator's moral , , and immoral high ground. Exposing in its's barest form may be the best we can due in such situations. Of course, the posited is pretty much off-the-scale from the get-go, so the wrest may just be aesthetics.  Not surprisingly, many folks will round down the perpetrator's to “insignificant,” which might reflect another level of acceding to the perpetrator's cruel and inhumane setup. Nonetheless, again, the moral agency of the tortured is powerless to force or enact a “winning” result, so, in such situations, doing whatever allows us to best feel free may just be the best we can do, or knot due.

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