POEM: Megabus Late

The loco bus
Was barely running
Trafficking in creep after creep
At Lake & Michigan
It was sink or swim
Facing too soon departed
To be won or lost
By foot
Right, left, right, left, right, left, right
Miraculously walking on Water St.
Run forced
Will it be
Decided by a minute minute
No bus in site
Faded to stay
In Chicago another day
Only then realizing
The line I had crossed
As pre-sumptuously late
Other soles
As per usual waiting
Fore the Megabus

This poem emanates from my trip earlier this summer out to Iowa.  This poem is from the last of four legs of a Megabus trip.  As it turns out, two of the four buses broke down and had to replaced with regular tour buses.  This poem is about the of things not always working out as planned.  Oddly, it never occurred to me that the bus I was racing to on foot would be late.  While the bus ended up being two hours late, this was much better than missing the bus by mere minutes!  What a thing that a bus being two hours late is a cause for celebration!  I am a big fan of .  As a recovering professional planner, I have spent much of my planning to “make things happen.”  Fortunately,  I have witnessed so many times in my that my plans not turning out as I liked turned out even better.  As I have been known to say: never gives me what I want; gives me something much better!  My daughter now parrots back to me the saying: If you want to make laugh, tell your plans.  More recently, you might find me repeating the Niels Bohr quip: “Prediction is difficult, especially about the .”  Life is what happens while your making other plans. John Lennon quote SPIRITUAL BUTTONThough perhaps said it best: “ is what happens while you are making other plans.”  May your be overflowing with wonderful .

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