POEM: Democracy – as seen on TV

Wherever I land
In the electoral whirled
Politicians ceremoniously execute
The will of the people
In doctored fashion
Yet an other sort of capitol
Delegated to the coroner
Turning off
In a Pyrrhic victory
So hollowed by those bored of
As a so low survivor
Left to re-collect
In suing came pain
Promises unfulfilled
A small prize to pay
For virtual
Only calling to mine
Only on TV

Here is a poem for election . While have been about politicians for eons, politicians are digging new versions of low at record rates. For decades, has had one of the lowest rates of of any so-called advanced democracies. This poem does take its titular metaphor from the television age and the more recent (sic) television. Run-of-the-mill electoral is so bad, like “” TV, that most of it is not even worth watching, a palpable waste of one’s precious . Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not against . For most non- , oneself off the island is hardly a very productive way of bringing about participatory . In the pantheon of activities competing for our attention, and often winning, is still worthy of the modest effort required. Still, I doubt that electoral is anywhere sufficient to save the planet or . Most of electoral is , cynically triangulating competing interests without much internal compass. Though politicians are regularly without distinguishable rudders, they can be quite adept at blowing whichever way the wind blows — everything is for sail! So, if not too disgusting, do yourself a flavor and vote for a politician closest to your taste. But don’t let voting get in the way of creating the winds of necessary to redeem electoral . Participatory democracy requires ongoing civic engagement. The quality of our democracy will be directly rooted in the degree by which we are the we want to see in the world, how we treat our neighbors (friends, strangers, and ) and how well we speak to , translating our own lives into vital and vibrant . May it be so.

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