POEM: Nothing New Under The Sun

There is nothing new under the sun
Though in the shadows
The same old same old
Is more mournfully familiar
Settling for -lite
Too at home with night
Groping with eyes open
Instead of lightly touched
Even with eyes closed seeing
Age-old must
And vexing knot
A bout
Bitter medicine as won’s savor
Too be heard
Where the sun don’t shine
As passing vapor
In stubborn renouncing
Not eye
And such fancy
Still too much
To be taken
In completely
The spell overcast
Eclipsing the census
Of that counts
More than won could
Ever bask for

This poem weaves the themes of our everyday blindness to deeper realities, the third eye, and .  Things are not always as they appear.  Things are more than they appear.  Those who round down to mere appearance settle for a more finite and uninspiring on .  If it isn’t obvious that is blisteringly miraculous in the sunshine occupying roughly half of our earthly existence, then there is a deeper, ever- way of seeing that enlightens of reality, more than one could ever bask for.  Sadly, many prefer to manage dwelling in the even more roughly half of our earthly existence, darkness, despite its propensity for inducing and despair.  This poem plays with these two interwoven aspects of reality, dark and light, mere appearance and full .  These dual, and dueling, aspects of reality are not contradictory; rather, they are different levels of reality, one including yet transcending the other.  The prosaic and miraculous are only divorced if our is committed to irreconcilable differences.  The oneness of reality eternally woos us if wowing us is too transparent for our mode of perception.  Nonetheless, the lure of the manageability of the world of mere appearances is powerful, to those limiting themselves to such parochial .  Unfortunately, those limiting themselves to the and paucity of the world of mere appearances will feel compelled to compete, even brutally, for over this lesser realm.  and freedom become mortal and even the asleep don’t sleep well.  Those such blindness and obsession insist upon their powerful incites.  The ensuing fetish with and manipulation extract a brutal price from anyone actually exercising freedom.  More -minded manipulators will insist that you have all kinds of rights but they will get nervous if you actually exercise them!

My informs me that peace and freedom can exist together if is the uniting reality. This -powered peace is both an internal peace and external peace.  -powered people are the least dangerous people in the world; that is, except to those whose is to convince others of their lack, especially if linked to selling you a product, service, or idea that will make them gain or .  If gratitude unites your world view, then you could say that gratitude is your , a of “Thank for thanks!”  As you might guess, my is profoundly influenced by , a recognition and for undeserved gain that overturns a barren capitalistic view that at best can offer a fair and equal exchange, where is a inefficiency and the bounty of is jacked up to yield the highest price possibly bearable by (or by “the ” if “” doesn’t compute).  The bounty of becomes fodder of our folly, as “Wanted — dead or alive,” runs roughshod over itself.  I strongly suspect that the consuming of controlling others is a to answer the question of how much is enough.  At the of this is and inescapable .  I believe that a responsible freedom, a freedom that is informed by , can operate amidst and without distorting its own nature and consonance with , that comes from who knows where, but, as a dyslexic and a , I find naturally super!

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