POEM: Quiet the View


On the horizon
into the fabric of existence
Be not afraid
Looking up
Looking down
Such peek experiences
Are ways just
Round the corner

I haven’t published a poem in a while.  I have been attending to other stuff, such as a couple of reunions and moving my from out-of-town to really out-of-town.  I have written during this time, though most of my and verse has simply returned from whence it came.  I feel that I have irreversibly headed down the path of a poet.  My regularly (or irregularly) drifts toward poetry.  Most anything can trigger inspiration.  If where a second language to learn, you might say that I am dreaming in now, as verse becomes second nature.

This poem was written during a break from helping my move.  We were in her 25th story corner apartment in a downtown Detroit coop apartment building.  Of course, she had lived there long enough that there was way more than 25 stories now.  I was enjoying the fabulous panoramic view when this poem sprung from the horizon.

As is oft the case, this poem is about hope.  has always been.  is now.  is always on the horizon.  is SEWN into the fabric of our existence.  The phrase, “Be not afraid,” has special significance since it is the instruction that most frequently gave his disciples.  Hope, like many godly things, can be elusive.  seems to be very effective at getting our attention; though much more blunt than the subtleties of hope, faith, and love.  leverages the palpability of to preface his deeper messages.  is a great diagnostic tool to identify our personal blocks to experiencing hope, faith, and love.  If we can’t get past fear, then seems…hopeless.  inevitably has its ups and downs.  The difficulties in can mire us in the rough edges of life, those corners that we can’t see around.  May you have the presence to seek peek experiences and find that you round the corner.

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