POEM: Each Day a Work of Heart

For every won of us
Each day
Is a work of heart
Canvassing inexhaustible possibilities
Of epic themes
Momentary epiphanies
And daily grooves
Imploring colors
Exploring textures
Mating with perfect light
Not mirrorly framed
Buy the ornate
Or threw making a scene
Shooting blanks with one’s chimera
Taking residents
In a mythical selfless portrait
But climbing stares
Crossing a-ghastly gape
Enduring risky convictions
Chopping epilogues
Aslumber jack knows
Like the back of his hand
If only
How to brandish a climax
While never pandering exhibitionists
And never finishing
As a museum
Of beginnings unknown
Endings all too familiar
And what work
Goest unseen
The ultimate intra-mural
Being more than animated
For an others viewing
And awe the rest
For if the day is seized
Even gallery slaves
Can Marvel®
At what is still life

This poem is intended to help you remember that your life is a work of art, a work of heart.  Hopefully, the mining of you heart’s treasures is a lifelong and joy-filled adventure.  I hope that you have the courage to dream, partly for the simple joy of it, but reserving a few special dreams to make come alive for yourself and others.  May you take risks in service of your dreams.  May you focus less on how others judge and misjudge your most treasured dreams.  May you know what makes you alive, and may you know this more deeply than anything else in the world.  May you live into this knowledge wholeheartedly.  If you should fear that your dreams and passions might not fit into what the world needs, rest assured that what the world need is for people to come alive!

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