POEM: Author Author Original

Author Author Original

Many great authors
Many glorified pages
Of legends owed
Epitomizing a theme
Depicting perfect variations
Epic anecdotes
In firmity
By edifices
Of many stories
I prefer the novelty
Of a single sentence
Unleashing countless perspectives
Leaping tall buildings
Facing immanent decomposition
A tale doggedly wagging
Kneading not
A collect
The preyer of singular digits
Followed by zeroes
No cure
Ne'er rating
Serving billions
In the court
Of public opinion
In loo of
Author original

This poem is an to the commercialization of the of writing.  This is less an indictment of authors trying to make a living than the of others trying to make a living off authors.  Also, this poem speaks to my preference for versus .  I must confess, I had a great laugh with the epiphany of “Guttenburger,” a hybrid pun, unduplicated in its meatiness.  The of a hurried run of trashy novels on the jacked up equivalent of the Guttenberg press, like fast burgers on a conveyor grill, about sums up meeting civilization.  As quickly monetizes and copies right any sufficient to the task, artists continue the eternal struggle to pay worthy homage to the original author nameless and unnamable, reproducing endless originals.

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