POEM: Hope Inflamed

Hope Inflamed

Hope inflamed
That which cannot be
Put out
Will consume every individual
Testing their mettle
Forging in feeleds
Just discovered
From a crucible witch lies unknown
Alloys forever
Stronger than any metal
Purely a loan
No matter
How precious
In one
With standing
The fiercest heat
Or the harshest in difference

This poem about hope rests on my and that together humans will rise to any problem that we can in this world.  I like the Amelia Earhart quote, “ is the price that life exacts for granting peace.”  I think that , while sometimes rare, is contagious.  I think that once one truly experiences peace and , there is little going back.  I cite the Arab Spring as an example of a quantum leap forward that may be resisted but cannot be defeated.  Human or is the nexus and seed of all good that springs forth from humankind.  Ignorance is the dark side and enemy of such .  Ignorance and are powerful forces in human life, but, I believe, that they are less powerful than human and the human spirit unleashed.  I see the human spirit as rooted and emanating from a place that is outside, of worldly structures.  Further, an enlightened does not retreat into some other-worldly place, but engages the in this world, modeling better ways, those rooted in the deepest realities of human and being.  I am impressed by the sheer choice of Buddha to remain in the world to help others rather than blow out into nirvana.  This speaks to a of higher , transcending self.  Similarly, did not shy away or retreat from the put all of his , to the point of , being crucified as an enemy of the Roman modeled a of Pax Christi versus Pax Romana, the difference between shalom and détente, a higher expectation/hope for the of human existence on this earth.  As proclaimed, “Peace is possible” — a statement in a world where conventional is that détente is the highest possible ; or perhaps some of trying to kill all of your , giving rise to more , resulting in endless with some perverse demonizing one another.  I will cast my lot with one another together with standing the fiercest heat or the harshest difference.  What say you?

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