POEM: My Poetry is Shit

My is Shit


My is shit
Would I say ingest?
And I
In seriousness
Say is the write thing to do
But once stripped of this
Every iota digestible digested
It’s daily had
Little remains
But excrement
Pardon me if you have stepped into it
Then again, defecation is immensely underrated
Fertilizer makes great beginnings
And sometimes we just need some reading material
Where we find our self

Ah yes, to meld the epic themes of and shit.  Once again, to revisit the high and mighty themes of and the lowly and the mundane.  Everyone poops.  Not everyone gets poetry, if they even happen to read poetry.  Even fewer are with the inclination to write poetry.  As many writers and perhaps most poets know, the writing process can often be more fruitful and beneficial to the writer than the reader.  Perhaps this is due to writing.  Perhaps this is due to reading.  I have to confess that there is a certain selfishness in writing poetry.  Writing can be a solitary and private experience.  And as with many privy experiences, it may be best experienced by oneself.  If a is lucky, and maybe even talented, then what is left after the writing may be of great nutritive value to the reader.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  In such cases, that which remains may be of little value, even offensive, perhaps to even more than one sensibility.  When it comes down to it, I find much of humorous.  And when I find not humorous, I often search for humor, as an alternative to weeping.  I must confess that I like to have a robust proportion of weeping to be weeping of than be weeping of sorrow.  Fortunately, most of the raw material of life, as it may be, is fertile material for comedic observations.  When others get it, all the better.  When others don’t get it, well, it happens!  Most of my and other writings and that being somewhat comedic due to my propensity for and my inescapable perception of and the around me.  Like my son told me recently, when describing me to other people, rather than saying one thing twice, I say two things once.  Perhaps paradoxically, this may result in brevity but doesn’t make the reading of such short works any less brief.  And when reading my many people want briefs.

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