POEM: To Know a Veil

This poem is about desiring , and for the spirit to fully incarnate in flesh. I have long thought that the best for understanding is through parenthood, the unconditional for a child, and through being lovers, desiring to become one flesh and gloriously meld spirits. One is more hierarchical and the other more . This poem is on the ladder, a full groan on the unsatisfying veil between me and , and wanting more.

To Know a Veil

God came and kissed me
Hearty and tender
Yet through a veil
Desirous of flesh on flesh
Envious of unfettered spirits soaring
Only to find myself
In sackcloth
More annunciation than consummation
As flesh before spirit
As spirit after flesh
Left as awkward bedfellows
Right as rein
To no a veil

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