POEM: The Ark of History

Martin Luther King, Jr. said that “the arc of history bends toward justice.” I share this hope, and plan to add my share of acts and just living. May we all join in blessed solidarity and work to tell history to get bent in a most awesome way.

The Ark of History

How are we
Too divine
That legendary express way
Of the arc of history bending
Toward justice
All though often
Fore just us
The ark of history is long
And longing
The largesse possible
Immeasurable enough
For awe
And surpassing patients
In efface of pain and suffering
And bye and bye
Taking each won of us
However long
Side each loss championed
That billed we are tolled
Sow mysteriously
A cross generation
After generation
Even seventy times seven!
Resurrecting hope
In the face of dearth
The fodder of fairer daze
Be for us


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