FREE POLITICAL POSTER: Incremental Change, Heads Up!

This free poster posits that the conventional of incremental can be lethal to paradigm shifts needed for to evolve to the next level.

FREE POLITICAL POSTER: Incremental Change, Heads Up!

Devotees of incremental may view by degrees as safer, or at least postponing the inevitable, but it is often merely a fearful reaction to the vagaries of rather than fulling embracing that which we hold most dear in .  Incremental is the preferred mode of neoliberal , often under the guise of inevitable .  The shadow side of incremental is that it can acclimate us to unsustainable practices and also be easily co-opted by forces serving any particular set of privileged elites benefiting from the .  In the current presidential race, this shadow is solidly represented by the Democratic Party and its candidate, Hillary Clinton.  Of course, not all large change is a positive or .  Sometimes it’s just , which can also serve those who have a better position to profit from upheaval (e.g., war profiteers, profiteers).  In the current presidential race, the apparent of Trumpism reinforces interests more so than creating human .   is the poster boy for devolution.

So, what is a to do?   rEVOLution is the Solution (LOVE) - POLITICAL BUTTONIf it’s a revolution of love, then cast out fear — which includes not casting a ballot riddled with fear.  Of course, limiting ourselves to electoral , relying simply on in a deeply dysfunctional and rigged , is the surest way to maintain our  as sheep.   A and evolved will be built it must be built on the bedrock of mass and noncooperation with . Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you've found out the exact measure of injustice which will be imposed on them. Frederick Douglass quote POLITICAL BUTTONCompromise is the of .  Noncooperation with is the force that sets healthy boundaries enabling the good to flourish.  Compromising one’s is a luxury of the privileged who don’t directly the daily onslaught of an .  Bigger Cages, Longer Chains - FUNNY POLITICAL BUTTONCompromised incremental change is the privileged managing the underprivileged.  Revolutionaries have their own — nothing to lose but their chains.  In , developed out of the of oppressed peoples in Latin , ’s “” recognizes the that ’s are more directly accessible by the dispossessed, those not compromised by worldly .  This understands that the salvation of the world rests in the hands of the dispossessed of the world, not supremely triangulated politicians or populist (sic) billionaires.

Please feel free to check out more of ’s designs about resistance, dissent, and revolutionary politics.

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