POEM: Woo Who

This poem reflects a bit on my skepticism of skepticism and my deep yearning to witness and participate in the long arc of love.

Woo Who

Their is
Know subject
Greater than
You who
Life as a Job
Only as sum
Nefarious abet
Voiding that
Which is
Yet divine
Up in the heir
Too much
To forebear
Doing it
In the woulds
And knot so tender weigh
Of shoulding
Still their is
An unflailing power
Enduring for good
The root of all woo
Wanting more
Than lukewarm wavers
In efface of unbelieve able
Courts us beyond any owed law
That good will
And go won better
Than every sin ick
As if
Love is a sham
Rather than mirrorly a veil
Harboring overwhelming
Which is
Awe the ardor
As run through
The grater
Then the hole
The sum of aparts
Soully made whole
When I’mpart
Who avail themselves

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