FREE Anti-Trump Poster: RUMP FENCE — Make America Grate Again

Here is yet another free poster: RUMP FENCE — Make Grate Again.   has chosen his of vice, Michael Pence.  This set up yet another possible wordplay for this , graffiti wordplay.  There is no escaping the nearly infinitely possible ways to parody — though he is quite a master of self-parody, giving himself a big hand in his public displays of self-.  Building a wall to keep aliens out has formed his over-sized signature policy.  The poster graphic — or slightly graphic poster — speaks for itself.  The cartoonish of is well-suited to leaving most of US practically speechless, left only with: BUTT, BUTT, BUTT, BUTT, BUTT…

Anti-Donald TRUMP PENCE Poster RUMP FENCE Make America Grate Again HATE Again

Please feel free to download and print or share this free poster: RUMP FENCE — Make Again.  Check out more anti-Trump posters (and anti-Hillary Clinton posters).


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