FREE Anti-Trump Poster: RUMP FENCE — Make America Grate Again

Here is yet another free poster: RUMP FENCE — Make Grate Again.   has chosen his of vice, Michael Pence.  This set up yet another possible wordplay for this free poster, graffiti wordplay.  There is no escaping the nearly infinitely possible ways to parody Donald Trump — though he is quite a master of self-parody, giving himself a big hand in his public displays of self-love.  Building a wall to keep aliens out has formed his over-sized signature policy.  The poster graphic — or slightly graphic poster — speaks for itself.  The cartoonish of is well-suited to leaving most of US practically speechless, left only with: BUTT, BUTT, BUTT, BUTT, BUTT…

Anti-Donald TRUMP PENCE Poster RUMP FENCE Make America Grate Again HATE Again

Please feel free to download and print or share this free poster: RUMP FENCE — Make America Again.  Check out more anti-Trump posters (and anti-Hillary Clinton posters).


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