POEM: Awe Due Consideration

What is good
A bout
At best
There is little to say
Giving a fare hearing
More about listening
Too small
Still voices
Respecting only what due
A few choice words
For those empower
Only in sow far
As won for all
Quiet an undertaking
As ambitious
And ponderous a void
That vulnerable space
And venerable pace
Between word and deed
Owned by
Wear know thinking
For to consider

This poem is about the confounding  that the of is quiet literally beyond words.  Words are representations, symbols of something else, which may allow us to think about something but often are vehicles for bringing about the direct to which we are referencing.  Even mathematics, considered the purist , is mirrorly a representation of , not truth itself.  Even if a unified theory of mathematics and is elucidated, this will give mournfully flimsy assurance in the quest for an enlightened and living in everyday . Perhaps the most grave bias in postmodern existence is mistaking words and , even the most erudite collections of words and symbols referred to as ideologies, theologies, or bodies of scientific knowledge, as the living truth.  I consider the most profound truths as existing directly through , not the recounting of or observations.  This is why I consider consciousness as the most fundamental aspect of /existence.  I won't elaborate on that, hear.  It is no accident that I am drawn to in the Siren's song of the whirled's parent , and reverent in the 's presents.  He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words --Elbert Hubbard quote SPIRITUAL BUTTONI save for my words.  I prefer the metaphor as a vehicle for reflecting upon truth because it has the humble recognition that what it is trying to say is quite literally not what it is literally saying.  This poem picks on first and foremost, perhaps paradoxically, because its grand task is most poorly suited for words.  The phase, “shut the up,” comes to mine.  I am a big fan of St. Francis' proposition, “Preach the Gospel at all times; if necessary, use words.”  This is close kin to my favorite proposition of , “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  Both of these lift up action compared to fancy erudition.  Both seek integral and centered being as the pivotal place and space for right action.  St. Francis recognized that speaking, languages of symbols, is a grand of humans, but that in many circumstances, a economy imbues greater value with .  While, things considered, may be the language of , the awesome need to share our experiences with one another bids us to dare speak, to dare improve upon silence.

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