POEM: Morning Has Broke

is hear
The bell tolls fore thee
Get up
You had
Left right

Simplicity Trumps Affluence [Royal Flush] SPIRITUAL BUTTONHere is another Monday poem for all who may be ambivalent or outright their , particularly the screeching of an unwelcome alarm clock.  The division of into precise compartments is a relatively new phenomenon in human and human .  The rise of the clock as an often stress-inducing taskmaster is perhaps the — or ticking bomb — of civilization.  As measures — quite poorly — the of most of our tasks in living, the clock all-to-often chops the organic flow of human into well dissected but not so alive remains.  The interruption of by loud noises is a particular pet peeve of mine.  Alarm clocks often enforce inadequate and this too little rest is notoriously bookended by a fretful inability to get to at night.  Of course, the nearly inescapable pressures to book it all day arrest most any of nabbing any re- or sublime When Things Aren't Adding Up in Your Life, Try Subtracting SPIRITUAL BUTTONThe clock serves as a proxy for order but may very well create more disorders than it harmonizes.  This poem uses the familiar cadence of drills — Left, Right, Left, Right, Left — to allude to the presumptive inherent in such a go go, make it happen .  This swaggering onomatopoeia resonates more with martial than the deep harmonies of and the human spirit, which transcend left and right.  I find that encouraging folks to break rank in order to reconnect with their deepest harmonies is a recurring theme of mine, energized by an evangelical fervor.  So, if you are Riiiiiiiight…Whatever/Get up/You had/Left, may you uncover reinvigorating re- at every turn.

Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don't need to escape from -- Seth Godin quote POLITICAL BUTTONWhat Money Can't Buy - Medicine But Not Health, A House But Not A Home, Finery But Not Beauty, Luxuries But Not Culture, Amusements But Not Happiness POLITICAL BUTTON

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