POLITICAL CARTOON: CEO Jesus Retirement Plan

CEO : You Had Me At The Retirement Plan

CEO Jesus Retirement PlanAfter a long hiatus, CEO is back.  This comic was inspired by a poem I wrote recently:

At , Inc.
I came for the and mutuality
I stayed for the retirement plan

This poem and is a parody of the often namby-pamby, first-world that passes for following Jesus these days.  I sometimes that I wish there was a where the founder was a rabble-rouser crucified by the , perhaps even as their fellow clansmen stood complicit.  That’s a leader to which I could relate.   I occasionally wonder what would look like if we amped it up so that, say, 1% of Christians were killed as a direct result of their challenging the of this world.  What if Christians seriously risked destitution or for the cause of more commonly than building “secure” retirement plans?  These are the kinds of that haunt me and in which I find little traction or resonance within the walls of American .  Ahhh, for a that boldly embraces such ; this is the I long for…

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