POEM: Love Making

I was mistaken
All those years
Those sweetest ours
Thinking I was making
When in truth
was making me

This poem, as most of my , can be read several ways.  Of course, the simplest reading is a testament to the transformative of relationship love.  Love is more than something that we, as individuals, “make.”  Love is something larger than ourselves that we participate in.  Love makes us better humans, much more so than could be designed by our minds however clever, or imagined by our hearts however large and open.  Certainly, love makes us better than we could ever be outside of human , on our own.

When thinking of , I suspect that thinking of love is the most common and iconic.  Love, the of mysteries, is at the of , trying to put into words that which can't quite be put into words.  I have described writing as the and making love.  The melding of the workings of the and is a struggle for balance and wholeness that pervades every human endeavor.

Psalm 85:10 describes this as peace and kissing.  My intent in writing this poem was also to allude to such a wide theme, that of loving the world in a way that makes the world a better place for all.  Peace and kissing is the way this becomes a in the world.  Practicing that discipline of love makes us better humans, even if the reciprocity of that love is not immediately evident.  Describing such ventures as love of — love of Love — is a common discipline to carry us through the dry patches of of unrequited love on earth.  Such love lives in the that the way of love ('s will) will be “on earth as it is in ” (from the Lord's ).  Of course, the demands of are trans-generational, perhaps perpetual, requiring a patience and beyond our own .  We don't simply for ourselves, that is if we are working in love and for justice.  It strikes me, sometimes in the face, that love of enemy is the gold standard spiritual practice for melding peace and justice, holding fast to perfecting love, in creating a world where one side fits all.  Every loving act brings us closer to peace and justice, no matter how far off they seem.  Every loving act engenders and for both the gentle patience and bold needed for peace and justice to kiss.  May you find love in every personal relationship, within your , and in every conception of you may have.



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