POEM: For Awe Inclusive Crews

In this backwards -eat- world
In the phase of gratuitous violins
surpasses all of the
In the ultimate hatch it
Super seeding conceptions
Overrunning all of its boarders
Teeming with those borne agin
Depraving those of what little they halve
Only to make everything
Beyond accost
As be stowing
Such sublime vouchers
For inclusive crews
Who take up
The cause

This poem is about the tenaciously subversive workings of and the sublime benefits of orienting one’s own being and doings with purposes.  The breakneck, in-your-face shilled by consumer and tribal goading runs roughshod over the deepest and most satisfying harmonies in .  Actively and collectively working for good in this world may be best centered around these -inspiring forces in that bid us to meet gratuitous with gratuitous .  May upturn any low impulses that may interfere with boldly welcoming a way of big enough for awe and small enough to meet every child within.

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