POEM: About It

About It

I am helpless
Is more eloquent
Just saying
I you
And there is nothing
You can do
About it

This poem is a tribute to human and the redeeming of which we have no over.  Being helpless is a universal human .  While this can be frustrating, is a that can open us up to experiencing .  This poem juxtaposes the typical of human with the simple and hopeful that God’s for us has a unconditionality; we are helpless against it; we can’t do anything to it!  The “it” in the title and at the end of the poem is another of my intentionally ambiguous pronoun which refers to both and God’s love, the mutually reinforcing core themes of this poem.  The message of and is that not everything that we are helpless over is a threat to us — quite the opposite.  itself was unbid by us, yet we partake of it.  We are awash in a sea of .  This doesn’t obviate the fact that we are also surrounded by inhumane, even hostile forces.  Nonetheless, such , and a disciplined of such , can offer a powerful counterbalance to the forces of in the world.  Reflecting such into a difficult world can really mess with the minds (and hearts) of your fauxs.  So have some fun with it!

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